How we make the flowers in our Reflexology balm pink!

Thank you for joining us on our exciting skincare journey! We are currently in the product development stage and are having so much fun creating new formulas and oil infusions.

This week we have decided to jazz up our nourishing hand and foot Reflexology Balm with pretty pink flowers.


Think Pink!

To get the beautiful colour we first had to research natural ways to colour the organic sunflower oil we wanted to use. Hibiscus was our first thought but was soon dismissed as it is water soluble meaning it only disperses its beautiful colour in water. Same with Beetroot and Elderberry.

Our next ingredient to try was Alkanet Root, a herb in the borage family. A small amount of the dried root was added to the oil and gently heated for 3/4 hours, with near continuous stirring. Over the course of a couple of hours we saw the pale yellow of the Organic Sunflower Oil perfectly transform into a lovely deep pink/red colour. Once the right colour was achieved the oil was triple strained to remove all the particles of the root and leave only a beautiful clear red oil.

yellow sunflower with leaves
Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on

So now we have a beautiful coloured oil so its time to make the flowers! We need to use a fairly hard butter to create a firm flower, we chose to use Organic Cocoa Butter. The cocoa butter was melted and mixed with the infused oil and the combination of the creamy colour of the butter mixed with the red of the oil made a beautiful baby Pink.

The mixture as then pored into the flower moulds and popped in the fridge over night to set. Once they were fully set they came out of the mounds and were ready to adorn the hand/foot balm!




2 thoughts on “How we make the flowers in our Reflexology balm pink!

  1. Hello. I’m looking for a balm/wax for my reflexology clients. I have recently qualified and previously used cornflour and would like to try something dodifferent.


    1. Congratulations on your qualification! I hope you love working in the wonderful world of reflexology. I really like using balms on my reflexology clients, they provide a lovely smooth flow to the treatment allowing you to reach deeper reflex points easily. Our balm is also extremely nourishing giving the added bonus of moisturising your hands as well as the feet you are working on! If you would like to try a sample let me know your address either through our email – or through messenger on facebook and I’ll pop one in the post to you.


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